Ready for Pest-Free Peaceful Relaxation at Your Boat Dock and Outdoor Living Areas?

Are you tired of …

  • Walking into spider webs?
  • Cleaning spider bombs
  • off your boat?
  • Insect bites and stings?
  • Filthy flies on your food?
  • Bees in your drinks?

We have the answer! Click here for a brochure

Assassin Pest Control Outdoor Misting Systems Kills or Repels:

• Spiders • Wasps
• Gnats • Midges
• Mosquitoes • May flies
• No-see-ums • Flies
• Other flying pests

Assassin Pest Control Outdoor Misting Systems:

Operate Automatically
• Convenient and effective
• Inconspicuous and adaptable

Environmentally Friendly
• Safe for use over the water
• Safe for people, pets and fish

Custom Design & Installation…
• By licensed pest professionals
• 25 years of IPM experience

System Components
• Liquid reservoir
• Electric pump
• Automatic timer
• Slim line nozzles
• ULV protected tubing
• Remote control
• Optional wind sensor

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