Questions or concerns? Will Assassin Pest Control keep my children and pets safe?Assassin Pest Control Keeps ChIldren & Pets  Safe

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About Assassin Pest Control Services:

1. Are your products safe for children and pets? Yes. We balance protecting your family and the environment while eliminating pests by using all products in a safe manner. Our office staff or technician will give you the precautions to follow.

2. Do you use natural or organic pesticides? We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which means, we choose from a variety of products including organic and synthetic chemicals as well as non-chemical methods to control your pest issues and meet your individual needs.

3. How long do I need to be gone after you service? It all depends on the individual. If you have health issues such as Emphysema or Asthma, we ask that you leave and not return for 2-4 hours. If there are children under the age of one or a pregnant person in the last trimester, they need to be gone as well. Otherwise, most people are fine being present during the service.

4. Do I have to have the children out of the home during service? That depends on what service we are providing. Children under one year of age need to be off-premises. Older children must be outside while the interior is treated and inside while we service the exterior.

5. Are your products safe for birds in the house? We recommend that you remove birds for application time and for about 3 hours afterwards also.

6. Is the service going to harm my fish? No, with proper covering of the tank and unplugging the aerator, they are fine. If a fish pond is located outside, we will keep all materials a safe distance away.

7. How much does it cost? The size of your home and its location determines the cost. We are happy to give you an estimate when you call.

8. How long does the service last after application? If you avoid mopping it up, the service will last approximately 2-3 months for indoor pests. On the exterior, the sun breaks down the chemical and normal residue treatments only last 45-60 days. This is why we recommend servicing the exterior on a bi-monthly schedule.

9. When can I wet mop or vacuum? Avoid mopping within 2 inches along the baseboards as long as possible. One to two months is ideal, the longer the better. As soon as you wet mop, the chemical residue is gone as is your protection. You can dry mop or vacuum after the chemical application has dried. (This usually takes about an hour.)

10. Can you service on Saturday? We keep our technicians busy during weekdays and hope you won’t need us on Saturdays. We can come early or late to accommodate your schedule. On rare occasions special arrangements can be made.

Routine questions are responded to and estimates given early in the morning or later in the day when the technicians return to the office.

We keep our experts working for you so they cannot always be reached directly.

Your call is important to us and will be treated accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from you! Call 512-264-1760

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